Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Oxymoron: Government Health "Care"

By Michael Prell

"The Greatest Canadian,"
according to Canadians themselves, was Tommy Douglas: the socialist who created socialized health care. Canadians from coast to coast regularly wait up to 36 weeks for an MRI. The average emergency room visit is 6 hours -- just to be seen. Stretchers pile up in hospital hallways. People wait years to get family doctors. And my mother's three year ordeal with pain was so dehumanizing she almost killed herself.

These are the people who voted for their slavemaster as The Greatest to ever walk among them. That is what public health care will do to you. It won't just make you a prisoner of the system. It won't just destroy the great American spirit of self-reliance. It will weaken you to the point where you look upon those who enslave you as your heroes.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Lying Liars

How Politicians Lie About “Budget Cuts”

An old political game is for a governor of a state to PROPOSE say, a $2billion increase in next year’s budget, and then when the legislature can “only” squeeeze another $1.5 billion out of the poor, hapless and helpless taxpayers, the Gov. then decries a “half billion dollars in budget CUTS.” Since most newspapers are little more than the propaganda arms of big government in each state, there is then a chorus of crying, sobbing, moaning, gnashing of teeth, whimpering, and doomsaying over the social catastrophe that is surely imminent.

Of course, there have been no budget “cuts” at all, but a gigantic budget increase of one and a half billion dollars in my example. This dishonest scam is currently being played out in Maryland (and in most other states). The front page of todays’ Baltimore Sun, the propaganda rag of the state Democratic Party, screams, “[Governor] O’Malley Proposes Millions in Cuts“!!!!!!!!!

If one scrolls down to the sixth paragraph of the article, one reads in the first sentence that “Since taking office [three years ago], O’Malley has reduced spending by more than $3 billion.” But then the last sentence of the paragraph contradicts this, saying: “[T]he size of Maryland’s overall budget, which includes federal funds . . . has grown over the past three years” (emphasis added).

So what has been “cut” is O’Malley’s pie-in-the-sky wish list of billions of dollars of goodies to be passed out to any and every special-interest group in the state. In reality, Maryland state government is still growing by leaps and bounds and should be cut at least in half — for starters.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Greens Hate the Poor

By Lew Rockwell

Concerning Rob’s comment below, the whole environmental movement is an attack on the poor, when it isn’t just plain anti-human. Virtually everything that movement advocates is designed to make life better, as they see it, for the upper-class types who founded it and have always run it, at the expense particularly of the poor and working class. Even their foot soldiers are upper-middle class types. Folks, our anti-capitalist enemies are by and large the rich who want to use the state to keep them that way, and to prevent others from getting rich through the market. Their slogan might as well be, “No Upward Social Mobility.”

The Left Hates the Poor

By Lew Rockwell

The Left, which represents the wealthiest people in society, can’t stand the poor unless they are on the state payroll and enlisted in its army of crime. Why else the hate campaign against Wal-Mart, which has done more for the poor than all the non-profit charitable programs put together, and certainly more than welfare? And now look at this: IKEA, the progressives’ favorite (and one of mine too), is a problem because it also promotes the idea of low prices. Stephanie Zacharek of Salon, which caters to the wealthy Left, in reviewing a new anti-poor book, longs for the days of expensive, detailed craftsmanship. How horrible that cheap goods are available to society. IKEA, she says, is “as bad as Wal-Mart.” This is criticism? Save Money, Live Better.

UPDATE from Rob Worsnop:

And also isn’t the ridiculous “Cash for Clunkers” program an attack on the poor? In order for this program to be judged “successful”, surely we would be seeing large numbers of vehicles, whose value happens to fall below $3500 or $4500, disappear from the market. So then what is left for the poor to buy? New vehicles? I don’t think so.

I was thinking yesterday what a disgrace it would be for my 1996 Nissan Pickup, with only 90K on the clock, to be crushed under supervision of the Federal Government instead of being sold on to someone of modest means.