Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Joe Crowley 10 23 06

A BBC article says $170 million in food aid will be needed to feed 2 million people in southern Afghanistan this winter. That works out to a per-person price equal to the street price of one gram of heroin. Since the food shortages are being blamed on the cultivation of opium poppies instead of food, why not have the 2 million soon to be starving Afghanis demand the $170 million from the Taliban? Sure it’s a double edged propaganda sword but I’d bet bags of burgers to bowls of air that the Taliban doesn’t have any C-130s full of food aid waiting to take off from super-secret hanger-caves.

ht/ American Thinker

Monday, October 23, 2006

Important Message

URGENT! Please send 300 kilos of white mice. No time to explain.

Address/dirección: Yate Rubicon
cuidado de: Capitania de Puerto
Marina Chapalin,
Playa Varadero, Cuba

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